During this pandemic, most of us musicians have found ourselves with no gig in sight for the foreseeable future, and for many of us teaching is now the sole form of income. However, online lessons are often a less than enjoyable experience for both the student and the teacher: bad or out of sync sounds, backing tracks almost unhearable, etc. While zero latency is still not achievable, a lot can be done to improve the audio clarity and balance on both ends.

I thought I could give some public service by showing my fellow teachers and students how to get equipped as best as possible for online lessons, at least in the Windows environment where I’m more at ease. There’s an easier way, and a more intricate one (but a lot more flexible!). All it takes is an audio interface, some free software and a lot of patience.

By the way: this is very much a work in progress and any advice is appreciated!

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Online teaching survival kit