Sugarpie and the Candymen‘s sixth and new album, Sweet Classics, has just been released!

For the first time we have accepted the challenge of an all-standard repertoire, with the help of the great Mauro Negri on clarinet and tenor saxophone.
We had a lot of fun playing these wonderful songs and letting loose in the studio.

There’s a lot of people we must thank: of course Mauro Negri and Claudio Ottaviano for being so generous in the studio, Alberto Callegari for the wonderful sound and for not killing us after the forst day in the studio, Umbi at Irma Records for releasing the record, Paolo and the Battisti for the location, Graziella for Lara’s outfits and additional location…

Of course you can buy the record in the stores, both physical and digital. Discover more here!

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“Sweet Classics” is out!!!