Sugarpie and the Candymen - Cotton Candy Club

I’m proud to announce that Sugarpie and the Candymen‘s fifth album, Cotton Candy Club, has just been released!

For Sugarpie fans, I recommend you check it out because it has a lot of new elements in it: a lot of original songwriting (and in my opinion some of the best we did!), a more modern production despite it being largely cut live, and of course the voice of our wonderful new singer Lara Ferrari.

We Candymen (Lara, Jacopo Delfini, Roberto Lupo, Claudio Ottaviano, and yours truly) must thank a bunch of friends wo helped us in the making: the great sound engineer/artistic counselor/violinist/crying shoulder Carlo Cantini at Digitube Studio, Gianni Satta on trumpet, Emiliano Vernizzi on sax, Beppe Di Benedetto on trombone and Mauro Negri on clarinet. We had a ball with y’all!

A big thank you goes also to Umbi at Irma Records who let it happen again, and our wonderful photographers Serena Groppelli and Laura Greppi.

You can buy it in the good physical stores and in all the digital ones too!

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“Cotton Candy Club” out now!!!