Released on IRMA Records – La Douce
Release date: Jul 31, 2015

Georgia Ciavatta: vocals
Jacopo Delfini: vocals, gipsy guitar, ukulele, percussion
Renato Podestà: vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, banjo, kazoo, keyboards, percussion
Claudio Ottaviano: double bass
Roberto Lupo: drums, percussion

Additional musicians:
Carmelo Venuto: double bass on “Drive My Car”
Gianni Satta: trumpet
Gianni Azzali: tenor saxophone
Beppe Di Benedetto: trombone

Recorded at Elfo Studio, Tavernago (PC), Italy, on June 8 and 9, 2015
Recording engineer: Alberto Callegari
Overdubs and editing at Errepi Studio, Piacenza, Italy
Mixed and mastered by Piergiorgio Miotto at Il Pollaio, Ronco Biellese (BI), Italy
Drive My Car was recorded in 2009 and appears also on the album Sugarpie and the Candymen

Produced and arranged by Jacopo Delfini and Renato Podestà
Cover art by Fabio Miani